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In spring 2012 Monika Szymor, a graduate from Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, Poland, founded her independent clothing brand signed SheMore, which name, a graceful homophone, resembles the name of the designer and at the same time suggests the mission of the brand itself.

The purpose of SheMore is to provide the highest quality clothes and accessories for women. SheMore collections are an answer to the needs of women who everyday, no matter what age they are or what their work is, appreciate comfort and want to feel fashionable. SheMore woman enjoys the convenience and the details of the clothes she wears, at the same time she takes pleasure of wearing soft and delicate for body materials, which subtly enhance her feminine beauty.

Business Transparency

SheMore collections are a great alternative to clothes offered by large chain stores. There is no anonymity with us, but quality, style and team work. Our clothes are made from Polish fabrics and some models are produced from Italian materials. All products are refined in our workshop in Lodz and our talented seamstresses sew “shemores” in short series. We pay homage to the idea of slow fashion and we support building the responsible fashion industry.

Quality and Design

We carefully watch all stages of creating SheMore collections, starting from designing the models and choosing the best fabrics to sewing the first prototype and preparing shipping of ready products. Collections designed according to our own concepts are characterised by minimalism, functionality and aesthetics. SheMore offers women a wide range of day clothing and an universal black adopts uncommon styles for special occasions.
Although most of the products are available in universal size, SheMore accepts orders for any requested size according to individual preferences of customers.

Others About Us

“Flexibility, class, subtlety of form combined with high quality materials and designs, refined with the unchanging brand style. Modern elegance, thanks to which we can be more and more… SheMore.” – Magdalena Lasocińska, Stylist

“...subtle and functional designs. Fashionable colors and the best materials, the perfect combination of sporty style and modern design. The perfect brand for women who are looking for something original. If you want to feel feminine and comfortable, I recommend SheMore.” – Ewelina Salwuk-Marko, Editor-in-Chief of Feszyn.com

SheMore collections are available at our online flagship boutique at SheMore.pl, fashion boutiques: T’One in Lodz, online platform Pakamera.com, also at the boutique Balladine.com and it’s multibrand stores in Warsaw, Poland.


You can contact us any time to ask questions about the products you are interested in.


All products have a guarantee of return. An exception are custom tailored clothes, which are made on special order.


All orders are shipped by a courier service within five working days. Shipment of custom tailored clothes is arranged individually with a customer.


All SheMore collections are made in our workshop in Lodz using materials from Polish producers. Some materials we use contain original EU Lycra, which gives the fabric an extra durability.